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When Mother Nature Strikes Back

You go out of town for the weekend to take a trip with the family, only to come back to your home that was flooded over the weekend by some substantial rain or a pipe bursting – or even worse – a blown septic tank. You have no idea what to do or where to start, and the stress compounds. It takes one bad event to wreak havoc on your life – but we can help you when you need it most!  At Mold Masters, we haven’t quite figured out how to control the weather just yet, but we can control the problems that come with unpredictable climate! As one of the top restoration companies Houston has to offer, we promise we can help you with all your water removal and restoration needs!


Call Right Away If Your Property Has Flooded!

Houston Restoration – When Water Becomes Overwhelming

The process of water damage restoration is defined as the removal of substantial volumes of water from a property to restore it to its natural state. Having a lot of water in your basement or anywhere in your home other than down a drain is not something anyone wants to deal with. However, acting sooner will translate to lower repair costs and being able to salvage more of your personal belongings. If you have an emergency, call your local authorities to see if they can help, then give us a call immediately! Authorities may be able to help remove large quantities of water, but they are not equipped to completely dry out any structures that were impacted by the flooding and inspect for any structural damage.

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Flood waters can cause serious damage to your property - and lead to costly repairs if not taken care of.

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Not only can we ensure that the integrity of your house in maintained, we can also help by preventing future mold outbreaks that could result from the flooding – an inevitable occurrence if not treated by professionals. This is primarily because flood water (or any water that is not treated, or is contaminated with bacteria) has high concentrations of pathogens and organisms that get transported with it. High concentrations equals higher likelihood of survival. For a property owner – this means mold, and other bacterial spores, will eventually grow and multiply. And this won’t be on a single surface – pathogens will find their way into every nook and cranny that the flood water contacted. If you had water removed from your property, but it wasn’t treated for mold, give us a call today to schedule remediation and help before the issue gets worse!


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The Water Removal Process

We follow a strict protocol for water removal Houston in the case of emergencies. We value your possessions as if they were our own – so we act with haste and precision to get the job done right. We want to make the process as quick and stress-free as possible for you. Remember, your best bet is to call Houston restoration services at the time of incident, no matter how overwhelmed you may feel.

We first assess the extent of damage at your property from the flooding event. If the damage is severe, we may ask you to vacate the premise, or close your business to the public. This is to keep all parties safe and out of harm’s way while we work. After determining the course of action, we use industrial-grade water pumps to facilitate the removal of the water into large mobile water tanks, which will then transport the water to another location. We then begin the drying process to remove any remaining moisture, which can be especially high in absorbable materials like wood and carpet. Depending on the source of the water, it may be contaminated with pathogens. At the time of removal, we will make the call to whether structural materials and personal belongings should be discarded, but will always consult with you first on how you would like to proceed before taking action. Mold Masters then begins to clean and treat your home for any bacteria that was brought in from the flood water. Our cleaning and disinfection process will vary depending on the conditions of the water that caused the flooding. Once the area is deemed clean by our team of professionals, we can discuss steps to repair your home if needed, and recommend high-quality home repair companies in the Houston area.

If you’ve had a recent incident involving flood water, and need water clean up Houston, do not hesitate to call us. Mold Masters stands by years of experience dealing with situations just like yours, which is why we one of the best restoration cleaners Houston has to offer!