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Mold Testing Houston - Know Your Enemy

Mold comes in many different forms. It’s an extremely versatile organism that can grow just about anywhere, on just about any surface. Because of its adaptability, mold takes on many forms. Just from viewing it at eye-level, you’re not going to garner much information aside from that ‘it looks gross and smells odd.’ But that’s not very insightful – and it always pay to know more about your opponent, right?

While some molds are actually harmless, others can (in all seriousness) be very lethal. Mold Masters recommends never trying to remediate or remove mold on your own, as you could be dealing with an organism that could seriously harm you or your loved ones. To get to know the mold in your property, we conduct what is known as a mold test. Houston mold testing involves us taking a sample of the mold and running extensive tests on the sample to gather important information on the type of mold that you have growing. Once the tests have been completed, the information is analyzed and implemented into the remediation plan. Mold Masters can then effectively treat the mold using an approved chemical agent, ensuring that your home is properly remediated.


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Do I Really Need to Do This?

The short answer – no. Testing is not required to conduct the remediation process of the mold in your home or business. But, you may have a number of different types of mold growing in your establishment, which means we may not be able to effectively remediate the various types of mold without the proper information and analysis. Further, mold testing will help us give you better counsel on how to prevent one or multiple types of mold from invading your home in the future by giving us the right information to direct you. This could save you from a lot of stress in the future, and give you some peace of mind knowing that you can take steps to be proactive. In this case, knowledge truly is power!

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