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Residential Mold Solutions

The first time seeing mold in your home can be stressful to say the least. When it starts to grow, it can be extremely difficult to stop this invader. 

You’re probably tempted to try and kill the mold yourself. We appreciate your action – but you shouldn’t attempt this on your own. Cleaning mold spores and significant areas of growth can cause further spread of mold and the pathogens within it. Trying your own DIY technique will almost certainly lead to further spread of mold – on other areas of your home, your furniture, personal belongings, and anything else within the vicinity. For mold remediation Houston, trust the pros to get the job done right!

Disturbing mold without the proper equipment can also cause spores to enter the lungs of anyone in your home. This can cause severe upper respiratory distress, migraines, sinus infections, flu-like symptoms, and many other effects. Some molds will have worse side effects than others – but it’s better to always play it safe. 

Give the Mold Masters a call if your are experiencing a mold encounter in your home – one of our expert mold technicians will come and help you and family start winning the fight against mold. 

Check your home regularly for mold – especially in warm, dark, moist areas. Think attics, basements, behind appliances, even the outside of your home.

Keep your family and yourself safe! Mold can cause many symptoms that can make you feel ill – especially if the mold has been in your home for some time.

Don’t wait to act on mold in your home. You’ll save yourself money on costly repairs – and many headaches – in the future!


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