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Mold Inspections Houston - Act Early!

In the mold remediation industry, we often find that property owners vastly underestimate the presence of mold in their space. Most will let mold go unchecked for months, even years, before addressing the situation and coming up with a solution, or they may not know the mold is even present. Acting at the first sight of growth saves you money and stress compared to the costly repairs you’ll be wishing you didn’t have to deal with. We are here to help be that solution, but we can’t do much unless we know the true extent of the problem.

That’s where mold inspection comes into play! For a Houston mold inspection, Mold Masters conducts a comprehensive analysis of your property to uncover any locations where mold may be hiding and thriving. As experts in the field, we know where mold likes to grow – even if you never thought to look in these places before! When we conduct our inspection with one of certified Houston mold inspectors, we make sure to check all external, internal and moisture-impacted surfaces. Mold tends to grow in moisture-saturated areas, so it’s no surprise that after a significant bout of rain, you might encounter an unwanted visitor. But you shouldn’t put this off – if you know you had a water leak in your property, give us a call right away!

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Areas for Optimal Growth

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There are surely some obvious areas for optimal mold growth that you could rattle off quickly to just about anyone. But, you may not be considering all the places mold can replicate.


The attic is a common place for mold growth, due to warm, water-saturated air having a tendency to rise.


A cool, dark place - that often has high moisture content. Easy for mold to grow out of sight.


Pipes often leak and drip - and having a constant flow of water means some evaporation.


Where you can't see - mold loves to hide in wall and go completely undetected.


Within the walls and ceilings spreads insulation - and so can mold within it. This is espcially true if any part of the insulation becomes wet.


You won't know it's there until you try to rip it up. Under carpet is a great place for mold, since any liquid that spills underneath can't fully evaporate - creating a conducive environment for growth.


Anything exposed to nature is at the mercy of mold. Inspection of outer walls and surfaces should be done regularly.


You may not expect it, but behind your appliances can be an excellent place for mold growth - often having leftover food scraps and organic compounds for feeding mold.


Bathrooms have warm, saturated air from the shower and sink - a perfect place for mold to grow.

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